Palestinian U.N. aid still $200 million short after Trump cuts

BRUSSELS – Emergency food aid for about a million Palestinians in Gaza may run out from June if the UN agency for Palestinian refugees cannot raise another $200 million (FJD$412m) following a cut-off in US funding, the agency said on Tuesday.

Pierre Kraehenbuehl, who heads the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) providing aid for Palestinians across the Middle East, said US President Donald Trump had withheld $305 million (FJD$628m) in funding. Norway and Canada have stepped in with a total of $200 million (FJD$412m) to help meet a planned $465 million (FJD$957m) budget for 2018. in Syria in Brussels.

“So if you suddenly have no certainty about the amount of food aid coming from the U.N. for a million people … you can just imagine the kind of effects it could have,” he said, although he stressed he was not justifying any link to potential outbreaks of unrest.

Gulf states, The United States, long the biggest donor to the agency, is providing just $60 million of a promised $365 million, Kraehenbuehl said. That leaves a $200 million shortfall to fill for rice, flour, sugar and also to keep funding schools in Gaza and the West Bank.

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