Padre, you have my heart in your hand

REVEREND Aminiasi Driadria and Asenaca Vagali have known each other for a few years and decided to tie the knot last week so they could travel life’s journey together.

The two had been working closely for more than five years through crusade and prayer groups.

Mr Driadria, a servant of God with the Methodist Church in the village of Sasa in Macuata described their union as a blessed one.

Mr Driadria, 48, lost his first wife early this year to cancer and they have four children.

“When my wife passed away this year, I never thought I’d remarry,” he said. “Just the thought of having to look after my four children and taking care of my duties as a reverend.

“But then God had other plans for me.”

Mr Driadria said his newly-wedded wife had always been a family friend.

“We worked together really well over the five years and we only knew each other as church colleagues and nothing more,” he said.

“When my wife, died, Asenaca was the only person that I saw would take care of my children and would be great to have her hand for marriage as she was also very spiritual.”

Mr Driadria said, it took him three months to ask for Asenaca’s permission for them to court.

“I arranged for few months to meet up with her, so she can get to know me personally before I can pop the question to her,” he said.

“I am glad that she agreed to marry me despite our age difference.”

Mrs Driadria, 34, said she was happy to have married such a wonderful man and father of four beautiful children.

“I thank God for his plans,” she said.

“Everything that happened today (weddding day) happened for a reason and I believe God is with us and he is the reason for all wonderful things to happen in our lives. I can’t wait to start a journey with my new family.”

The couple thanked their family and friends for their wedding attire and the church members for helping out with the food and venue.

The wedding was held at the Sasa Methodist Church in Macuata.

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