Pacific Centrecom staff undergo emergency evacuation training

Update: 5:51PM ESSENTIAL emergency evacuation training on how employees and visitors could safely be evacuated out of any building in case of a fire was conducted at the National Fire Authority (NFA) headquarters last week.

Chief fire
officer Qionilau Moceitai said 19 staff members Pacific Centrecom underwent
this training as it was important for any organisation they would deal with in
the future.

are happy that Pacific Centrecom has taken this initiative to train its staff
on fire safety,” Mr Moceitai said.

training is very important for business organizations and I acknowledge Pacific
Centrecom for organizing this training for its staff.

course is designed to provide appointed Fire Wardens in the organization with
the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for and respond to emergency

Mr Moceitai
said it was very important that everyone remain vigilant to ensure that their
emergency exits were clear of any obstruction at all times for a safe and quick
evacuation in case of any emergency

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