pacific briefs

Abiut suspended

The president of Vanuatu’s teachers union has been suspended on half pay for alleged misuse of power and negligence of duty. The Daily Post reported Willie Abiut was alleged to have sold union-owned land and a union-owned vehicle for personal gain. But Mr Abiut told the newspaper that he was wrongly suspended.

Internet crimes

The Central Bank of Samoa was warning locals about the dangers of Facebook and other social media networks being used by scammers to take their money. The bank issued the warning in a press statement for the general public to be on the lookout for internet organised crime.

Teacher punched

A teacher in New Caledonia has been assaulted in class at a vocational school in the territory’s north. A student, whose age has not been disclosed, broke the man’s nose when he punched and kicked him. The New Caledonian government has condemned the assault.

Back to Manus

Thirteen more refugees detained in Papua New Guinea by Australia were returned to Manus Island from Port Moresby. They were flown back by the PNG immigration authority after spending months in a motel receiving medical treatment.

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