PAC queries government quarters

Update: 2:42PM FIJI Ministry of Economy permanent secretary Makereta Konrote this morning made a presentation to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on the audit findings for the years 2014 and 2015 in respect of the Public Services Commission.

After the presentation, PAC deputy chairman Mohammed Dean noted that most of the issues raised related to Government quarters.

Opposition alternate member Jiosefa Dulakiverata asked: “On the Government staff and other public tenants, do they pay a bond and perhaps one or two month’s rent in advance?”

“The tenants do pay a bond and the rent is based on market valuation, however, for Government employees, especially doctors and nurses, the rent is based on wherever they are located and the nature of their work. No advance rent is collected from tenants,” Ms Konrote said.

Mr Dulakiverata said the reason he asked was that the advance rent could take care of the problem of arrears, which was also another audit issue raised.

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