Overcoming obstacles

Anjaleen Kumar was recruited as a Police officer twenty six years ago. Picture: FIJI POLICE FORCE

WHEN her husband died in 2018, Anjaleen Kumar taught their three daughters to be self-reliant and independent.

The Registry Sergeant at the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters said they had to learn that life was not easy and dealing with loss was a part of their journey.

When my husband died my daughters were in Year 10, Year 4 and Year 3 and back then they used to be pampered by us a lot,” she said.

“But when he died, I had to teach my girls to be independent because I didn’t want them to rely on others for what they needed.

“And because I sometimes had to work long hours and come home late, my girls quickly learned to look after themselves when I was away.

“I acknowledge the support of my extended family members like the girls’ grandmother or aunties, but I am happy my daughters have grown to be strong, independent young women over these past few years.”

Ms Kumar is a recent graduate of the Fiji Police Force (FPF) United Nations Pre Deployment Training from the Fiji Police Academy, and was preparing to be deployed soon for her first tour of duty.

“If I am deployed, I will be glad to go knowing that my daughters will be OK to look after themselves and each other, I have prepared them well for my absence.

“After my husband died, there were issues with my work, and I had to drive a taxi for one year to support my family, after the case against me was cleared, I came back to work as a police officer, and throughout this experience, my children and I became more determined to achieve all that we can in life.”

Ms Kumar joined the force on March 3, 1997, as a Special Constable and was absorbed into the Regular Constabulary in 1999. She has served at the Nasinu, Totogo, Lautoka, Nabua, Nakasi and Nausori police stations, Police Headquarters and now CID HQ.

“In all my 26 years of service, I’ve mostly worked in the Crimes Unit or CID as an investigator, and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that we women if we are strong in our hearts and mind, focus on our goals and put God first and be independent, we can achieve anything we want in life.”

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