Outside funds sought

THE Government will have to seek funds from donor agencies to equip fish wardens.

The Ministry of Fisheries said that if it was possible, then the ministry would set aside a special budget to assist wardens fight poachers.

The lack of proper equipment for fish wardens has been a major concern for qoliqoli customary rights owners in the Northern Division.

Last week, the issue was discussed by villagers of Vesi on Mali Island who described the situation of poachers as unfortunate.

The ministry said equipping fish wardens has been an outstanding issue.

“The protection of fishing ground will only be protected by the respective qoliqoli owners,” the ministry said.

“The ministry needs to seek funds from other agencies that can contribute in assisting the community for the protection of the qoliqoli boundary and the tabu areas or Marine Protected Area.

“If possible, a special budget can be allocated to purchase a boat and engine and can be issued to the community to operate. We will help support the fish wardens if a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) can be designed to help the qoliqoli owners and the ministry and that it would help benefit the community.”

in the long term.”

The ministry said it would closely monitor the use of boats and engines given.

“A proper consultation and advice with well design work plan by the ministry will help them carry out their work more effectively,” she said.

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