Our minds have the most leverage

People are led by their thoughts and ideas which is why we should always care about our mind. Picture: SUPPLIED

People are led by their thoughts and ideas which is why we should always care about our mind. Picture: SUPPLIED

OUR mind is our guide. No matter what is on our mind, it leads our thoughts, speeches and conducts. That is why we ought to care about our mind that finally forms our value, the “right view” we hold, which is our guide. People are led by their thoughts and ideas.

No one can live without the guidance of the right view. For instance, things as minor as personal thoughts and conduct or as major as international affairs are all led by the right view. No matter whether it is capitalism, communism or utopianism, philosophy, logistics or religions, they are all dependent on the right view, although each has diversified contents.

If we know that our mind has the most leverage, we would start to care more about our knowledge and vision as well as the state of our mind. What we need to do is to make adjustments to our mind, the origin or the root of everything.

Our mind guides the value of our life. If we can adjust and make use of our mind, we would be able to become awakened.

Well, it is OK if we would like to make change to a phenomenon or a habit, but this has the least leverage.

It is very hard to change them, since they have been solidified. To change a phenomena is the least effective and slow. Usually what we see, hear, feel, care about and communicate, etc are all about such phenomenal things, rather than about our mind.

We often say, “mind? I cannot feel it! But I can feel the phenomenon. This event did happen, …” What we could do is to see the essence through the phenomenon.

We should rely on the right view received from the enlightened ones like “all conditioned phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles or shadows” to set ourselves free from all accumulated habits and worries, because all the phenomena and habits have already been defined by this right view — everything is illusory; nothing can be obtained; and all is without essence.

That is to say, the right view can liberate us from our stubborn belief that all phenomena are truly existent and from our own thoughts and ideas that we tightly hold on to.

If we thoroughly cleanse our mind and then come back to deal with the phenomena, it will be easier to make adjustment.

As long as we truly understand and become very clear about the fact that our mind has the most leverage while the phenomenon has the least leverage in adjusting things, we would come to understand the orientation of our life and the genuine value of life.

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