Our government

All Fijians are shareholders and stakeholders in our Fijian people’s government.

We are all sharing, reaping and basking in the glory of our government’s many economic successes through its strategic, prudent and sound economic policies.

Realistically, this all reflects back on the quality of leadership and it falls squarely back on our PM Mr Bainimarama’s holistic approach to the unique geographical location of our country and its management of our country’s resources in a smart sustainable manner.

We have grown in leaps and bounds and we have benefited greatly and equally from the many developments happening all around the country.

Fiji is now very stable and in particular, the very keen interests and the overwhelming commitments shown by our overseas development partners who are always ready to assist Fiji maintain its current position in the areas of agriculture and food security, improving border control and information sharing and technology, upgrade and improvement in our public utilities such as water reservoirs, dams, water mains and sewerage.

I believe our Fijian Government has done a tremendous and marvellous job in our education system and its many sector reforms, our main ports of call in, specifically the Nadi International Airport, have seen a tremendous influx and increase in new international airlines and the many new routes our Fiji Airways airline is now flying into and creating more trading opportunities for our country.

I believe our sea ports at Lautoka and Suva, including Malau and Denarau, have all seen an increase in activities never before experienced, the divesting of shares in many of our government-owned entities is a positive move and the monthly reports from the Bureau of Statistics and Investment Fiji are positive indicators of the confidence these investors have in our government, with its one-stop shop policies.

Looking back at our past four years and now going into our second democratic national election, I believe the majority of the Fijian eligible registered voters will take with them to the poll all our many positive government initiatives that have impacted their lives positively in doing the right thing to consistently vote their favourite government back with a tested leadership both here and in the international arena.

It is their small way of registering how grateful they are in appreciation for all that our government have achieved for all Fijians, irrespectively.

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