Organisations team up for Fiji Fashion Week

THE Fiji Fashion Week and Fiji Designers Association have joined forces to stage this year’s Fiji Fashion Week.

In announcing the dates for the show, association chair Adi Koila Ganilau-Lee said the show would take place from May 25-26 and the collaboration between the two fashion entities would boost the show.

“Different strengths and areas of expertise coming together to build greater ideas, one of these ideas is the Alliance of Fiji Designers Association and Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW),” Mrs Ganilau-Lee said.

She said with the FJFW celebrating its 10th year anniversary, its reputation had grown internationally and had even included some big names in New Zealand and Australia showcasing their talents during the show.

“It has also seen many success stories, with younger students becoming established designers over the past decade and has also helped some of us who were already established in the local industry to move into the international scene,” she said.

She said since the inception of FJFW in 2008, fashion designers had gone a long way, as they were able to find a platform to showcase their talent.

“In my role as madam chair for the Fiji Designers Association this year, I am constantly reminded about how well regarded our Pacific fashion platform has become, globally,” she said.

“Fashion is a form of a universal language which allows us to construct and deconstruct our identities to play whatever role we want by shaping our look to show certain attitudes or values.”

Meanwhile, FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said FJFW was happy to work with the association.

“All successful fashion markets have a robust, durable fashion week.

“Fiji must retain its iconic fashion week to benefit the domestic market but also to ensure that we maintain respect and credibility internationally, including with other fashion weeks in Australia, NZ, USA, the Pacific and elsewhere,” Mrs Whippy-Knight said.

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