Opposition leader moved to issue message

Update: 3:14PM IN Fiji, the Hindu light of Diwali co-exists harmoniously with the light of Christianity.

In her Diwali message, Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said: “I am extremely happy and, at the same time, very moved to issue a message for Diwali in 2016.”

“Just recently, the people of my vanua took to their bosom the descendants of those survivors of the dreadful disaster that befell the Syria on Nasilai reef on the night of Sunday, May 11, 1884. Carrying indentured labourers from India, the Syria was wrecked. Many of the passengers lost their lives,” she said.

She said those who came to the province of Rewa in that direct line from the Syria are now forever part of the vanua of Noco and the greater Vanua of Rewa.

“They are kai Noco and kai Rewa. Our land is their home. We share common hopes for our families, our communities and our future. We are dedicated to achieving what is best for Fiji.

“What has happened between us this year is illuminated by Diwali. And we of our vanua, with our new members, take great pride in extending our good wishes to everyone in Fiji.”