Opening of the bridges

China Railway Construction 14 Bureau is a powerful, experienced, skilled and well-known Chinese enterprise, not only in China but around the world. Its major projects include the construction of the Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing to Shanghai High Speed Railway, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai Metro and other projects, but also in Niger, Ecuador and Benin where it built many bridge projects.

The external interference was large in the construction of the bridges like the poor construction environment at sea, the hurricane experienced, tropical depressions and downtown area movement which had placed tremendous pressure on the construction of the two bridges.

Faced with a new construction environment and unfavourable natural conditions, the project team paid close attention to technological innovation and set up QC scientific and technological team to overcome the problems of high-performance marine concrete, complex geological bored pile construction, deep-water low-pile caps, radius beam erection and other construction problems, to ensure that the bridge life would be more than 100 years.

The China Railway Construction 14 Bureau are good at completing different types of construction works on roads, bridges and housing projects in any part of the world.

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