Open door policy vital at all levels

HAVING a highly engaged set of employees is critical if you want to stay ahead of the pack in today’s ever changing business environment.

This was highlighted by Vodafone Fiji human resource manager Moureen Chand during the BSP Fiji Human Resources Institute National Convention in Nadi last week.

She said having a highly engaged set of employees coupled with good systems and processes that were designed to facilitate change was a key differentiator and it provided a competitive edge.

“Companies which embraces change and quickly adapt to changing market dynamics will remain in business and continue to do well,” she said.

“Recruiting only the best is high on the agenda so to keep the company on par with consumer needs and new technology of not only remaining relevant in a changing world, but to lead that change.

“It starts with the very basics, getting the recruitment process right and every other thing thereafter falls into place. At Vodafone, we have a robust recruitment process and a strong and comprehensive induction program to instil the value of Vodafone’s culture at the beginning.

“It works well in keeping our staff engaged, committed and passionate, empowering them to ‘think outside the box’ to break new grounds and deliver products and services that fit the need of customers.”

She said since Vodafone’s inception in 1994 the tradition of ingenuity had driven continuous improvement in the way it operates with a relentless drive for growth.

“We have 270 individuals steering the company’s operations. The organisation prides in their staff, 99 per cent of employees are local, 97 per cent are graduates and 60 per cent hold professional qualifications of Masters or above,” she said.

“This in turn contributes significantly towards the company’s growth and staff professional development.

“At Vodafone, the Human Resources framework is considered to be the strategic backbone of the organisation that fosters work environment that attracts and inspires excellence in people for Vodafone to be able to fulfil its vision of becoming the most admired company and preferred employer in Fiji.”

He said Vodafone empowered its staff through open door policy in management.

“Easy accessibility and an open flow of communications engender trust in the system, the people and the organisation,” he said.

“We strongly believe in our people and will continue to invest heavily in training and education of our staff.

“Vodafone Fiji Ltd encourages open-door policy at all levels of managements to ensure that staff initiated suggestions for innovation and product development does not go unheard, while at the same time, staff are continuously motivated and recognised for their contribution toward the progress of the company.”

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