Ono-i-Lau airstrip earmarked for $300k upgrade

ONE of Fiji’s most remote aerodromes in the Lau group will receive an upgrade as allocated in the 2018/2019 National Budget.

Government in its new budget has allocated $300,000 to upgrade the existing Ono-i-Lau airstrip buildings and infrastructure.

This will include the demolition and rebuilding of waiting shed, storage shed, upgrade of existing amenities and repair and maintenance of existing fence.

The budgetary allocation was included under the Office of the Attorney General’s total budget of $14.9million.

This is because the Department of Civil Aviation also comes under the Office of the Attorney General and is responsible for expanding access to reliable aviation services for the Fijian people by regulating aviation activities in Fiji.

Meanwhile, in ensuring reliable and affordable air services to Fiji’s outer islands, Government has allocated $1.85m to subsidise domestic air services.

This aims to minimise the cost of Fijians to travel more freely and visit their families while expanding access to tourism.

Government also allocated $1.5m as an operational grant to the Civil Aviation Authority to regulate activities of airport operators, air traffic control, air navigation service providers, airline operators, pilots, aircraft engineers, technicians, airports, airline contracting organisations and international air cargo operators in Fiji.

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