Online marketing for logging, pruning company

Josese Limaono (left) with Samisoni Rusivakula at the e-commerce workshop in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

A LAUTOKA based company is considering engaging in more online marketing to showcase their products to a wider customer base. Navunisareki Logging and Pruning Company has gone from selling fuel wood to some prominent western business houses to supplying timber products to Japan and other Asian markets.

Yesterday, representatives of the company were in Nadi to attend an e-commerce workshop organised by Pacific Trade Invest Australia and Fiji Export Council. Director of sales and marketing Josese Limaono said their main market was Japan.

“Currently, we are the only company in Fiji holding the licence for export of rain tree logs and we have put more than $80 million in Fiji’s economy so far,” he said.

“This workshop, it has opened our mind regarding the new systems and technology in place so when time changes, we have to adapt with the new forms of marketing.”

Company administrator Samisoni Rusivakula said the digital marketing platform was a great way to market their products across the globe.

“One of the things that was highlighted was the use of websites to showcase all our products and all the buyers can check the products,” he said.

“Now, we only have markets in Asia. If we take this approach, we might get potential buyers in America or Europe.”

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