One of the largest IT solution providers

GEM IT Solutions has recently been promoted from DELL Premier Partner to DELL EMC distributor not only for Fiji but also in 10 other Pacific countries. This elevation, in partnership, has come through years of dedication, loyalty and business growth. The partnership between DELL and GEM Fiji has seen 18 years of mutual support and year-on-year growth.

DELL completed acquisitions of EMC Federation for about $US57 billion and is currently the largest privately held technology solutions provider globally. With the acquisitions, DELL is placed in Gartners leader’s quadrant in multiple areas of business. This also accelerated DELL’s business in several leading technologies.

GEM IT Solutions is one of the largest IT solutions provider in Fiji and has its presence in Suva and Nadi. Over the last few years GEM has worked on their customer base and invested in R&D in new technologies to be competitive in the IT market.

This has also given their customers a chance to look and feel modern IT trends and experience proof of concept which can, in turn, help customers’ business grow.

Business will succeed based on their ability to move and respond at speed, excite their customers, create different value propositions and safeguard their brands. Increasing availability of customer data enables companies to create new business models and unique value proposition.

GEM IT Solutions partnering with DELL Technologies is uniquely positioned to transform customers’ business information with a lasting competitive advantage.

GEM IT Solutions in Fiji conducts transformation workshops and helps organisations recognise actionable growth opportunities and create prioritised roadmaps to improve competitive performance.

BIG Data, mobile, social media and cloud are driving rapid growth of the Internet of things. Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds by combining the efficiency and agility of a public cloud with the security of private cloud.

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