One door opens to another

AS a door opens up for national sevens rugby skipper Osea Kolinisau to further his career, youngsters will converge in Suva for their dance with fame.

National sevens coach Gareth Baber admits losing Kolinisau was a huge loss for Fiji rugby after he reportedly signed up with the Houston Strikers in the USA.

Baber said he was aware that Kolinisau had been offered a contract in the US.

Kolinisau was silent over details of his contract, however, he was quoted on the club’s website, saying he was thankful for the exciting opportunity to be part of the Houston Strikers rugby family.

Tomorrow, hundreds of youngsters will converge in Suva for the quarter-finals of the annual Deans Trophy competition.

The top teams from around the country in all grades starting from the under-14s will battle it out for top honours and the right to enter the semi-finals.

Tomorrow will be about living their dreams.

Tomorrow is also when months of training for many will culminate in the biggest game of their lives.

Those who will fall should do so with heads held high.

The competition has grown over the years and many of its products have moved on to higher platforms of the sport, some earning thousands of dollars playing in well-established clubs abroad.

The Deans competition holds many memories for many people.

It inches out the best in schoolboy ruggers and leaves a lasting impression on the minds of thousands of people who have been fortunate enough to watch competitive games. It provides a platform for youngsters to test their skills against their peers, emulate their favourite stars, and for many, it is an opportunity to chart a possible career path.

The advent of the digital age, readily available videos of games, advanced training techniques and tactics, coupled with live television feeds of top matches around the world have allowed youngsters to learn, understand and appreciate the game more.

Teams are able to keep a tab on advances in how the game is played internationally. Our young players are able to analyse, learn and subsequently improve their game watching some of the world’s stars in action.

It’s actually changed the way the game is played at this level. The onus is on the powers that be to keep a close tab on our young crop and nurture them for future national duties. And for the organisers, this clearly is a massive platform for our youngsters. It deserves the highest level of attention in every aspect, from that showered on players to the match officials.

As Suva prepares to welcome our budding young stars to the Capital City, we also prepare to farewell a great leader on the field.

As one chapter draws to a close at home, there is great excitement and anticipation as our youngsters prepare to take the field tomorrow.

We wish Kolinisau and our young ruggers the best.

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