On the path to sevens glory

Watching the Hong Kong Sevens, most of us are surprised to see that Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa have opted to use their second team to represent them in the Mecca of Sevens tournament.

Evidently, these nations view the Commonwealth Games Sevens gold, silver or bronze as more valuable and important than the Hong Kong 7s points or their current standing in the 2017/18 HSBC World Sevens Series.

The results from all the pool matches indicate that Australia and England with their Team B did not make it into the cup quarter-finals.

New Zealand with their second team suffered their biggest loss to Fiji 50-7 but still proceeded to the cup quarters with the second team from South Africa.

The quarter-finals have just started as I write this opinion and we can say that South Africa and New Zealand would have made the right move in sending their second team if they both maintain their first and third standing in the current series points table.

We all want our boys to make it four in a row at Hong Kong and get closer to or top the points ladder.

Consider this: the four big nations do not want their first team to play in Hong Kong because it would take its toll on the players who need to be on top of their game for the Commonwealth Games 7s in just a couple of days.

Imagine if the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team gets to win Hong Kong and the Commonwealth Games 7s gold medal?

Fiji will indeed be the King of Sevens Rugby, as we already have the Olympic 7s gold medal.

Go Fiji go.

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