OHS data differ

THE procedures for recording injuries and fatalities relating to collection of Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) used by government bodies, insurance companies and health facilities differ, says Minister for Employment and Productivity Jone Usamate.

He said these resulted in discrepancy in data collected.

“Delay in reporting or any omission hinders the appropriate treatment and compensation of the injured or deceased workers,” Mr Usamate said.

“My Ministry collects data for fatal and non-fatal injuries and death via the official reporting done on the OHS and Workmen’s Compensation Forms.

“The information received on these forms is then entered into a database by individual officers in all the ministry offices around the country.”

Mr Usamate said the collation of this data enables the ministry to identify areas that needed workplace training and awareness and target high-risk employers and develop strategies to reduce accidents.

The minister was speaking at the commemoration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work with the theme set as “Optimise the collection and use of OHS data”.

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