Officials to consider relocating school

Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy explains an issue to advisory councillor William Brown at Batinivuriwai settlement in Wainunu. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

SEA intrusion in the back yard of a primary school in Bua has forced school officials to consider options of relocation. Yesterday, Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy also suggested to the school management rep and advisory councillor, William Brown that relocation would be another option.

Dr Reddy visited Adi Eliane Primary School at Batinivuriwai settlement in Wainunu to inspect the drainage areas and water flow issues.

During the visit, Mr Brown told Dr Reddy that the school sat on a flood-prone area.

“When it rains and there is high tide, the school is surrounded by flooded waters and we need to carry our children or swim them across to the main road,” he said.

“The drains by the roadside also get flooded and because it is not deep, the water flows on to the main road so it will be good if we deepen the drains. “The tunnels that lie along this road is not too big to cater for the volume of water so during wet weather, the water level rises and overflows on to the main road.”

Mr Brown added that the safety of children was always at risk during flooding.

In his response, Dr Reddy advised the residents to liaise with the Fiji Roads Authority about the tunnels.

However, he assured that his team would also work on the drainage and water flow issues. The team from his ministry also carried out scoping works at the primary school.