Officials to assess damage

OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Agriculture will be out in flood affected areas to assess farm damage caused by flash flood.

Though Government has not set a time for the team to visit the farms because of the weather, Commissioner Northern Jovesa Vocea said a team would be sent out.

“It would be difficult to assess damaged farms now as the bad weather continues, but officials from the Ministry of Agriculture will be sent out,” he said.

“We can only do full assessments when the weather clears and improves.

“Yesterday, we sent out teams of military and police officers to visit the affected areas and we are monitoring the situation in these affected areas as well.”

So far, he said the North had not received any reports of casualty or death as a result of the flood.

“That’s the good news for us and we thank people for adhering to the weather advice,” Mr Vocea said.

“But we will continue to ask people to stay away from floodwater and parents to keep their children indoors. We have already advised people not to swim in floodwater so please adhere to advice.”

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