Office of the President downplays rumours

THE Office of the President has downplayed rumours that President Jioje Konrote and First Lady Sarote Konrote have returned to their Suva-based home after the First Lady was involved in a car accident last month.

The Office of the President’s official secretary to the President, Pene Baleinabuli, said Mr and Mrs Konrote have settled in at the State House.

“Their Excellencies have settled in very well at the State House following the completion of the first phase of the maintenance works that normally takes place when there is a change in occupancy,” Mr Baleinabuli said.

On January 6, this newspaper had reported that the First Lady, a staff member from the State House and the driver of the First Lady’s official vehicle were involved in an early morning road accident that happened at the Berkeley Crescent premises. The vehicle had tumbled with all three in the vehicle, there was no major injuries sustained by the First Lady, the staff member and the driver.

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