Offering thanks and praise

HINDUS in Labasa and from around the country gathered at the Naag Mandir at Nagigi outside Labasa Town yesterday to offer prayers of thanksgiving for a new year.

Seaqaqa resident Kritesh Kumar said the prayer session during New Year’s was a norm for his family, adding it was a time to be thankful.

Mr Kumar said they would travel to the temple early every January 1 to offer their thanksgiving to the Almighty for His protection.

“We visit the temple offering fruits and money for the God to appease them and to also seek their blessing for the New Year,” he said.

“It is like starting a new day when we do our own prayers in our homes but this is the starting of another New Year and it is special.

“God’s love and guidance has been felt in our family’s livelihood during the year and for that we will be forever grateful.”

Another devotee who is resides in Australia, Shakuntla Prasad said she was always at the temple to offer prayers of thanksgiving for the year gone by.

Meanwhile, people came from as far as Ba, Australia and New Zealand to pray at the temple yesterday.

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