ODPP Annual Conference: Sharma says defence lawyers should provide justice and fair representation

Group photo of participants of the ODPP Prosecution Conference. Picture: SUPPLIED

SUVA lawyer , Devanesh Sharma has expressed his concerns as to how some defence lawyers in the country conduct themselves and behave when taking up cases related to sexual offences.

Mr Sharma was speaking on the topic  ” What is an Ethical Defence ? Is a lawyer a hired gun?” at the Office of the Director Public Prosecutions(ODPP) Annual Prosecution Conference at Pacific Harbour today.

Mr Sharma said there were many good and solid defence that could be used by defence counsels when  dealing with these cases.

He stressed that defence lawyers were not hired guns but part of the judicial system to provide justice and fair representation of their clients.

“They can identify the defence from the outset , if there was no rape or assault and the allegation is an attempt to frame the accused.  Also be very thorough with the facts and ensure that your instructions are fully documented. Point out any weaknesses in the case to the client,” Mr Sharma said.

He said the defence counsels should also consider the accused persons’ health, medical conditions , past character, family and education.

The two day conference concluded today.

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