ODDP: 61 charged with serious offences for July alone

A 35-YEAR-old woman was charged last month with murder after she drowned her four-year-old daughter in the river.

This was revealed in the serious offences statistics released by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) for last month.

A total of 61 people were charged with 66 counts of separate incidents of which 18 were aggravated robbery cases; 13 theft cases; 12 aggravated burglary cases; three assault cases; three assault causing bodily harm; two attempted aggravated robbery; three providing false travel documents; and one each cases of murder, robbery, abduction, wrongful confinement, child stealing, assault causing grievous bodily harm, serious assault, common assault, abuse of office, unlawful cultivation of illicit drugs, damaging property and resisting arrest.

According to the ODPP, of the 61 people charged, a 35-year-old military officer who is also a national rugby rep was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm after he assaulted a special constable in the execution of his duty.

There were 42 victims of the 66 counts of separate incidents. Of the 42 victims, there were two incidents where the accused and victims were related to one another.

There was an incident where a 26-year-old school teacher was charged for assaulting a nine-year-old pupil.

And also a former Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol officer was charged with abuse of office and providing false travel documents.

However, three cases were withdrawn after discontinuances (Nolle Prosequi) were filed.

One case was withdrawn after the complainant left the country and was unable to be located, and two other cases were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence.

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