Octogenarian pleads for consistent clean supply

Picture: FILE

Eighty-five-year-old Valenicina, Lami, resident Jimaima Railala says all she wants for Christmas is a clean and consistent supply of water.

She said the recent spate of water disruptions was a huge challenge for her and for mothers with babies.

Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete said he was aware of the water issues and called on people facing disruptions and supply quality to boil all drinking water.

Water Authority of Fiji chief operations officer Seru Soderberg said people living in the Lami-Nausori corridor should expect water disruptions to continue into 2022 until the highly anticipated Viria Water Project came online.

She said she was weak and not as physically able as she once was and not having access to regular supply was affecting her ability to live in dignity.

The Vadra native of Moala, Lau, said given the humid conditions affecting Viti Levu the water cuts were making life very difficult for the elderly, especially when trying to access supply for bathing.

She said water would come late at night when family members were fast asleep.

“I really feel for new mothers, I don’t know how they are managing,” she said.

Valenicina settlement advisory counsellor Asesela Vanaisa said they had been facing water cuts in the area for the past few weeks and the issue had worsened since October.

“It would be understandable not to have water during the dry season but we have been having heavy rain lately and yet we are still facing water cuts,” Mr Vanaisa said.

“The water cuts have just made life hard for us and those around the Lami area and this has been happening since October.

“Considering that many families have children at home at this time due to the pandemic it is very unhygienic in some of these homes and may lead to disease outbreaks.”

On Sunday last week, WAF advised customers in the Lami to Veisari, Samabula, Princes Rd, Namadi, Rewa St and nearby areas that they would experience water disruptions because of low production levels caused by turbidity.

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