Observers cover 31pc of polling stations

THE Multinational Observer Group covered 455 polling stations out of the 2025 stations around the country.

Co-leader Peter Reith said they were able to cover 31 per cent of the entire number and according to them, the election was free and fair.

A total of 92 observers took part in the observation of the election since August 18.

“We did not in any way particularly focus on one area. In fact, our objective was to make sure that we had people on the ground observing the conduct of the elections right across Fiji, not just in the easy places to get to but some in really difficult places to get to,” Mr Reith said.

“Our preliminary statement reflects the views of the international community as well, continuing as we have been doing since MOG was underway since August 18.

“We continue to take opinion, advise and evidence as far as the process is associated with the election, as well as the broader issues surrounding the conduct of the election.”

Mr Reith from Australia said the essential elements of the view of MOG was that the outcome of the election was on track.

He said it reflected the reality that the international community really wanted to take part in this election adding that this had been a very important exercise for the people of Fiji.

“They wanted to see for themselves how the election is being run. So many observers commended the work done by the presiding officers and officials and a lady said that she particularly liked the fact that so many women involved in the poll.

“The point is that the international community has an interest in Fiji of course, and also brings with it a lot of independence and experience in making decisions of what they think of the election.”

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