NZ premier apologises for road closures

NZ PM Jacinda Arden looks at the gifts presented to her by the Tamavua-i-wai Kindergarten students during her visit on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Picture: ATU RASEA

NEW Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday publicly apologised to Fijians for the road closures during her visit this week.

She said “sorry” five times in just as many sentences, when the Fiji One Breakfast Show host asked whether she had a message for Fijians.

“I’m really, really sorry they keep closing the roads,” she said.

“I know it’s holding everyone up and I am sorry about that. So I’m sorry. I’m sorry. At least when I’m gone, the roads will be open again and I’m sorry.”

Police chief operations officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Maretino Qiolevu yesterday said road closures were only done for VIP people who visited the country.

He also said the closure of roads were part of police security operations.

“That’s normal. It’s routine to us.

“We did the same for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others.”

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