Nurse under investigation for nude photos

A PICTURE of a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform and allegedly performing sexual acts has prompted the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to carry out an investigation.

The picture, and another, went viral on social media.

Health and Medical Services Ministry’s permanent secretary Philip Davies confirmed to this newspaper yesterday that an investigation was being carried out.

In one picture, a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform is seen in a compromising position with a nude man.

She is believed to have taken a selfie, while in the act. However, her face and that of her partner were covered by whoever posted the picture.

The other picture is also of a woman wearing a nurse’s uniform, with an identification card allegedly performing a sexual act.

“One of the nurses pictured was involved in a disciplinary matter which was investigated and resolved some time ago,” said Mr Davies.

“The conduct of the second nurse, which it is believed may involve inappropriate use of ministry resources, is currently under investigation and will, if necessary, be addressed via our routine disciplinary processes.”

The pictures of the two nurses allegedly performing sexual acts while in uniform have drawn a lot of attention on social media, with people also making various comments.

Chief of intelligence and investigations, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Biu Matavou said yesterday that police would only conduct investigations on nude pictures posted online if an official complaint was lodged by someone.

He added police were aware of the nurses photos posted online.

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