Nurse faints, baby falls

FAILURE to comply with standard procedures led to the fall of a six-week-old baby, who was under the care of a nurse at the Labasa Health Centre last week.

Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Veena Bhatnagar said they had conducted their investigations and found the nurse was sick and was still handling patients.

She said these were against procedures, adding they had spoken to the nurse and her superiors about the issue.

“There was a procedure in place that sick staff should not be attending to patients and this was not followed,” Ms Bhatnagar said.

“We have been constantly in touch with the families and the baby is very much alive and well.

“The baby has been checked by a doctor at the Labasa Hospital and I have advised the parents to call me directly if anything went wrong.”

Ms Bhatnagar said the nurse had resumed work and staff members at the hospital were reminded of the importance of following procedures.

On Tuesday last week, the child’s mother Nafiza Nisha of Bocalevu, Labasa, told this newspaper the nurse was examining her baby when she suddenly fainted, dragging the cloth and her baby along with her.

“I was so shocked when my baby fell and hit the floor so I rushed to pick her up,” Ms Nisha had said.

“She was crying, but the doctors said she was okay so we went home.”

Both the child and mother had returned to hospital because the baby couldn’t stop crying.

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