Nothing is impossible to fulfill teenager’s dream: Kami

Digicel Fiji CEO Mike Greig showing their support to WOWS Kids Representative Sina Kami during their event at the Digicel Office in Nabua. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE dream of a 15-year-old teenager before she died was to establish a hospital to assist children battling cancer.

The work to achieve Tae Kami’s dream is still very much alive.

Tae, who captured the hearts of many people around the world, told her parents that she wanted a hospital established to help children going through cancer.

Tae passed away on April 16, 2008, leaving behind tasks for her family to accomplish.

Her mother Sina Kami – the founder of WOWS Kids Fiji – said nothing was impossible and her daughter’s dream to be fulfilled was still in the pipeline.

“Her last dream was to build a hospital and I know it’s a big dream and I know nothing is impossible,” Ms Kami said.

“We have come this far and I’m sure down the line, there might be something that we will be able to have to fulfill that last dream of hers.”

WOWS Kids Fiji will mark their 10th anniversary this month.