Nothing beats fresh coconut juice

NOTHING beats drinking fresh coconut water from its shell.

For most of us, I bet you’d choose to work from within the airconditioned walls of a bank than peeling coconuts in the sun serving passers-by who want to buy bu (green coconuts.)

Such is the life of 48-year-old Peni Tagava of Naila Village in Tailevu who makes a living selling bu at the Suva Municipal Market two days a week from Thursday to Friday.

Mr Tagava is usually stationed beside a group of florists where he packs his coconuts and one by one peels it as he tries her best to sell everything between 8am and 5pm each day.

The Naila native said he left her home at 6am every selling day and reached Suva at 7:30am to sell his produce on time.

He said he usually bought 50 to 60 bu which are from his village.

On a good day he said he could sell all the bu and could get $100 to $150.

Mr Tagava who had been a market vendor for the past two years said he enjoyed selling and looked forward to every selling day.

He said he tried to remain focussed even though being a market vendor had its own challenges.

Apart from bu he also sells bele and dalo.

He added that he never regretted his decision to sell at the market and had never looked back since.

The father of five said rainy days were usually bad for business.

“When the weather is somewhat cool, business is bad as people seldom buy fruits.”

He describes hot and sunny days as ideal for his business as that’s when customers flock to him for bu.

On a daily basis, he also deals with ‘normal losses’ in the form of bad fruits that customers reject.

The bu are sold for $2 or $2.50 each depending on its size.

Nutritional benefits of eating green coconuts by website WWW.EATLIVELIFE.COM

nThese green coconuts are rich in nutrition content due to its high electrolyte properties. The meat of the green coconut is softer than that of the brown coconut and offers more nutritional benefits one of which being fatty acids.

nHealing properties- Coconut has antibacterial properties that can treat ulcers, nausea and skin infection.

nGood for raw food diets- People who follow a raw food diet can acquire essential nutritional benefits from green coconuts.

nBoosts metabolism- Coconuts have an amazing boosting effect on the thyroid. Cancer fighting properties- Coconut meat is proven to have cancer fighting effects (especially colon and breast cancer). Coconut oil can help protect the body from infection while effectively cleansing the system.

nKidney benefits — Green coconuts can relieve pain brought about by kidney stones by fighting nano bacteria and stopping the growth of bad calcium in the kidneys.

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