North team in top form

CAKAUDROVE’S performance at the Lewa Sewa Netters Association Fiji tournament has been labelled outstanding.

The Cakaudrove players scooped awards of best players and best teams in various grades.

Parents celebrated the achievements and danced to the music.

Association president Susana Liga said the results showed how the competition had grown over the years.

“It is a good and healthy results and it shows us that teams in rural areas are developing and their skills have greatly improved.”


Ruby Bowl

U 9 Winner – Taveuni

Runner-up – Wainibuka

U10 Winner – Suva Diamond

Runner-up – Kadavu

U11 Winner – Lautoka

Runner-up – Cakaudrove

U12 Winner – Ovalau/Motoriki

Runner-up – Tailevu South

U13 Winner – Lautoka

Runner-up – Navosa

U14 Winner – Kadavu

Runner-up – Nadi

Emmerald Plate

U9 Winner – Nasinu

Runner-up – Tailevu South

U10 Winner – Lautoka

Runner-up – Tailevu South

U11 Winner – Taveuni

Runner-up – Suva

U12 Winner – Suva Diamond

Runner-up – Cakaudrove

U13 Winner – Nadroga

Runner-up – Macuata

U14 Winner – Macuata

Runner-up – Nadroga

Diamond Cup

U9 Winnner – Cakaudrove

Runner-up – Lautoka

U10 Winner – Suva Sapphire

Runner-up – Cakau East

U11 Winner – Yasawa

Runner-up – Suva Sapphire

U12 Winner – Suva Sapphire

Runner-up – Nasinu

U13 Winner – Cakaudrove

Runner-up – Nadi

U14 Winner – Nasinu

Runner-up – Cakaudrove

Overall – Suva

Best players;

U9 – Cakaudrove

U10 – Cakau East

U11 – Yasawa

U12 – Nasinu

U13 – Cakaudrove

U14 – Cakaudrove

Overall – Nasinu

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