No tolerance on careless driving, LTA warns

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has reminded all drivers that careless driving will not be tolerated and if anyone found to be violating traffic laws for careless driving will be seriously dealt with. Picture: FT FILE

CARELESS driving will not be tolerated and anyone found violating traffic laws will be seriously dealt with.

This was the stern warning issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) with the recent road tragedies over the weekend.

In a statement, LTA chairman Vijay Maharaj conveyed his heart felt condolence to the families of the recent tragic road accidents.

“It is pity to note that despite repeated advice, drivers continue to drive carelessly that results in tragic road accidents,” he stated.

“As words of advice, pedestrians are reminded to be more vigilant and careful at all times on the roads with the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads.”

Citing the importance of road safety awareness in communities, Mr Maharaj said LTA had conducted road safety awareness with over 1040 school children and 200 adults Fiji wide in the past two months.

“Road safety tips and road rules were being imparted to the school children and community as part of the awareness program,” Mr Maharaj said.

“Children are vulnerable to road accidents because they don’t have enough knowledge on road safety compared to drivers and adults and our program was very useful.”

Mr Maharaj also highlighted his concern on the number of young lives being lost so far as a result of road accidents.

He said the knowledge on road safety was paramount to children.

“Children were also handed with brochures and flyers on road safety. Our team have visited villages and community in the interior parts of the country during the second term of school break and at the start of the third term of school in areas along Tailevu and Vanua Levu which was very important,” Mr Maharaj said.

“The awareness was also very important to the community because of the increasing number of road accidents that requires LTA to increase its resilience on road safety awareness to the community and enable us to talk to some of the drivers out there at the same time on defensive driving techniques.”

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