No to piracy

PIRACY and territory clearance were two key issues that resulted in Fiji Television Ltd’s decision to change its SKY Pacific channel line-up — dropping nine channels and introducing 11 new channels.

Fiji TV CEO Tevita Gonelevu said the company would not be involved in piracy, adding it was imperative that territories were legally cleared for airing of all SKY Pacific channels.

“The BBC channel was dropped after repeated complaints by Fiji TV to BBC that the channel was pirated in Fiji.

“BBC and Fiji TV have a non-exclusive direct-to-home commercial and residential agreement. BBC has confirmed with the Fiji TV team that they have not sub-licensed any other party in Fiji the same rights.

“Fiji TV is legally paying for the BBC channel and to have pirates stealing the signal despite numerous complaints to BBC does not make business sense.”

He said one of the biggest challenges for broadcasters was piracy and there were other channels that Fiji TV had that were also being pirated including FOX channels content.

The company, Mr Gonelevu said, had been given the licence to operate its Pay TV business in Papua New Guinea and needed to have legal clearance for all its channels to broadcast into all SKY Pacific broadcast territories.

“It was never Fiji TV’s intention to disappoint its subscribers but through the change, the company was able to gauge how passionate their subscribers are with our product,” he said yesterday.

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