No TD teacher at school

THE absence of a technical drawing (TD) teacher at Duavata Secondary School since the beginning of the school year has angered parents who have called on the Government to resolve the issue immediately.

Parents who contacted this newspaper claimed the situation had forced their children to drop TD, a subject most have taken since Year 9.

Apete Soso, whose daughter is a senior student of the school located at Udu, Macuata, said he contacted officials at the Ministry of Education in Labasa and Suva and also approached the school principal, but nothing had changed.

“My daughter has been told to drop TD, but she wants to become an engineer and this subject has been recommended for her to take,” he claimed.

“She was told to take up biology, but she does not want to because she is in Year 12 and biology will be a totally new subject for her. Her dreams of becoming an engineer will be affected if this situation continues.

“The Ministry of Education better do something because some parents want to find new schools next term, but we are financially disadvantaged so it will be unfair on parents if nothing is done by the ministry.”

Questions sent to the Ministry of Education permanent secretary Alison Burchell on February 26 was referred to former permanent secretary Iowane Tiko who via email informed this newspaper to seek clarification from the Labasa education office.

Officials contacted at the Labasa education office refused to comment and referred all queries to Ms Burchell.

But since February 27 and 28 and March 26, questions and follow-ups made with Ms Burchell and Education Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum have remained unanswered.

Phone calls were also made but no response received so far from the ministry.

District rep of Udu Aisake Galodamu said they discussed this issue at village level as parents became frustrated.

“This is a serious issue and we have been approached by frustrated parents who are not happy about the situation,” Mr Galodamu said.

“There has been no TD teacher at Duavata Secondary School and parents want to move their children to other schools but they can’t afford it.

“So the children will be affected and parents will have to fork out more to find new schools.”

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