‘No major’ voting changes

FEO supervisor of elections Mohammed Saneem with villagers of Bua in Lomanikoro on Thursday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

FEO supervisor of elections Mohammed Saneem with villagers of Bua in Lomanikoro. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

THERE will be no major changes in the voting procedures of 2018, says Fijian Elections Office supervisor of elections Mohammed Saneem.

Holding awareness sessions with Lomanikoro villagers in Bua on Thursday, Mr Saneem also told villagers the date for the general election was not known yet.

However, Mr Saneem said the general election would take place after April 3, adding the polling date would be a national holiday.

Also speaking at the awareness program, electoral commissioner Simione Naiduki called on villagers to clarify their polling venues with the elections office.

Mr Naiduki said they could text the toll-free line 1500 from their mobile phones to clarify their polling venues.

“Once you have called the number, all that is needed is your voter registration identification card number and the system will clarify your respective polling venues,” he said.

“As for procedures of voting, those who have cast their votes will have their fingernail painted to indicate that they have voted.

“Therefore, those casting their votes will have their finger checked for the indication and their names will be checked in the polling register too.

“If they have not voted they will then be given the ballot paper and they need to tick, circle or cross the candidate they have chosen.”

Mr Naiduki reminded villagers they could not tick, cross or circle a candidate at the same time as this would make their vote invalid. “In an effort to ensure the smooth running of elections, a polling venue will have a maximum of 500 voters,” he said.

“At 6pm, the polling venues will be closed by the presiding officer, the votes will not be counted in counting centres but will be counted in the individual polling venues before the results will be made known to voters.”

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