No life without hiccups, says Rani

Over a week before the release of her upcoming film, Rani Mukerji on Wednesday said she, like others, had faced hiccups in the early stage of her life. Rani, who came to the city to receive the “Pride Of Bengal” (Aparajita 2018) award, said she used to stammer in her childhood.

“There is no life without hiccups. My hiccup in life was my stammering at childhood. But we must overcome the hiccup and turn that into your strength,” she said.

“And it is an honour to get such an award over a week before the film’s release,” she said about the award.

Her upcoming next, features Rani as Naina Mathur, a self-motivated teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome. It is a neurological disorder characterised by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements.

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