No humps in rural areas

The FRA has been directed to review its policy on road humps. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Roads Authority will not implement road humps in rural areas because they will not last long on gravel roads.

Responding to concerns from villagers about speeding vehicles along the Korotasere Village stretch, in the district of Vaturova, Cakaudrove, FRA’s representative Rupeni Oli said humps would not survive for more than three weeks on gravel roads.

Mr Oli said the authority was looking at other alternatives to address speeding past villages. “We have put up signs for vehicles to slow down in villages, but drivers refuse to do so,” he said.

“Therefore it becomes the duty of police and responsible authorities to look into the issue. “However, there is a program by Government to seal all village frontages and maybe then we can implement road humps in rural areas.”

Commissioner northern division Jovesa Vocea said they had held talks with FRA and they were told that engineers were looking at other options.

Mr Vocea said they were looking at sealing village frontages as per the plans of Government before implementing road humps in rural areas.

“In the North we had already begun sealing village frontage in Daria, Bua, however the program is slow moving because it is an expensive one,” he said.

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