No coalition, just national votes

THE proposed HOPE party headed by former National Federation Party (NFP) president, Roko Tupou Draunidalo will not enter into any coalition of opposition political parties.

Instead, the proposed vice-president of the proposed party, Peter Waqavonovono, said the proposed party would go for the national votes.

Mr Waqavonovono said the proposed party had in its ranks academics, economists, young professionals, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and some of the best parents in the country to contest the election.

“We know that race is important, but this coming election is no longer about defeating FijiFirst or putting iTaukei interests first,” he said.

He said it was about making free tertiary education a reality.

“It’s about modernising and humanising our laws, it’s about committing to sustainable development, it’s about job creation, it’s about forgiving student loans so graduates walk into a life of opportunities debt free.

“It’s about giving all religions and cultural groupings their autonomous right to determine what’s right for them as a cultural group.”

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