Nineteen Samoan bureaucrats bound for China

CHINA BOUND: Ambassador of China to Samoa Wang Xuefeng with the 19 participants getting ready for China. Picture: SAMOA OBSERVER

APIA, 04 JULY 2018 (SAMOA OBSERVER) — Nineteen Samoan bureaucrats are travelling to China to attend a finance and economics seminar organized by the Chinese government.

Chinese Ambassador to Samoa, Wang Xuefeng, hosted a farewell function for them at the Chinese Embassy in Vailima on Tuesday.

It is the third bilateral training program this year organised by the Chinese government for Samoa.

Discussions at the seminar will revolve around participants sharing their knowledge on finances and economics, while getting insights on China’s financial policy and how it implemented reforms that led to its success as a global economic power.

Ambassador Wang said the seminar’s program line-up was designed based on feedback and suggestions from previous participants and will be a rewarding experience for the 19 public servants.

“We will not only invite the professors from China’s universities, government officials and major business managers to introduce China’s financial policy and experience of reform and opening up, you will also be visiting some major listed companies, new high-tech enterprises and government departments in field of finance and economics and to have meetings with people at all levels in related fields,” he said.

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