Night works ceased due to inconsiderate driver behavior

Accident along the four lane project at Nakasi on Kings Road. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

NIGHT works on the four-lane route along Kings Road from Rewa Bridge to Nakasi has stopped due to inconsiderate driver behavior.

This was confirmed by the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore in a statement this afternoon.

“Now that the new road surface is complete for two-lanes, for most of the 3.8km length the issue of speeding is becoming a major concern for our road workers and we cannot put the lives of our workers at risk. As a consequence, we will not be allowing road works at night, which has been shown to be the most dangerous time for road workers,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Moore said said despite posting road construction signs in advance to warn motorists that road work is being carried out, some arrogant and inconsiderate drivers continue to treat the active construction site as a highway.

“Some motorists seem to think that Kings Road is a busy highway, but right now it’s a road under construction. Safety of my workers is paramount and we are calling on drivers to treat the construction site with respect and allow our workers to conduct their work in a safe environment and to avoid any incident,” he said.

Mr Moore said just like the road users, the road workers also deserve a safe environment.

“Motorists are once again reminded to please slow down as indicated by the temporary traffic signs, follow the instructions of the site traffic personnel, and pay attention while driving along the construction sites.”

Work on the 3.8km upgrade project is anticipated to be completed by the end of June, weather permitting.


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