Night out ends in ICU

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro. Picture: FILE

THE family of a man admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in CWM Hospital in Suva is pleading with bouncers of various nightclubs to treat people as human beings.

Family and friends of Jone Navuso are praying for his recovery, after he was allegedly assaulted by two bouncers of a nightclub in Suva last Saturday.

His wife, Elenoa said she was hoping her husband, who was on life support, would recover for his 29th birthday on Thursday next week.

She claimed her husband was punched and dragged out of the club by bouncers and was further assaulted on the street outside the club.

“I was with him in the club and while we were coming out to go home, someone pulled his T-shirt and when he looked back, the person threw a punch at him, they started fighting, the bouncers came in and they went straight for him,” she claimed.

“I saw everything that happened. I screamed at them to leave my husband alone, but they kept pulling him down the stairs. I just tried to protect his head because it kept hitting the stairs.”

She claimed when they got to the bottom of the staircase; she noticed blood oozing from his mouth, ears and nose.

“I took him to the hospital straightaway, when we got to the hospital, four medical staff rushed out with a wheelchair, when they saw the state he was in, they called for someone to bring a bed. I knew straight away the injuries was severe,” she said.

Mrs Navuso claimed she witnessed eight medical staff members tried to revive her husband at the Accident and Emergency Ward, and placed him on life support straight away.

She claimed yesterday was the fifth day of him being in a coma, and was showing positive signs of improvement.

A senior staff member of the nightclub claimed their video footage showed that the bouncers did not assault Mr Navuso.

“He was causing trouble and all that the bouncers did was take him out, she (Mrs Navuso) can come and see our footage,” the staff member said.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed police had received a report at the Totogo Police Station and was waiting for Mr Navuso to recover before they could take his statement.

Investigations continue.

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