Night of energy and soul

Jiajoi Tuimoala singing a a Stevie Wonder number during the Kaila Star Search at Village Six on Friday night. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

TWENTY-TWO contestants have made it to the next round of the 2018 Kaila! Star Search after the first show on Friday at Village 6 Cinemas in Suva.

Competition consultant Savuto Vakadewavosa said Friday night’s performance showcased the raw talent the 22 contestants had which was what competition was all about.

“The reason behind this is that the judges believe that the contestants should be given more time to undergo intense training with them so they are ready to showcase their best next week. “So in the next round of competitions, seven contestants will be eliminated,” Vakadewavosa said.

“It’s amazing to see the calibre of talent from this year’s lot, particularly from the contestants with the youngest as 16 years old taking to the stage for the first time and our lone dance act this year. “We even have a few contestants from the Western Division which is awesome. “The energy, the soul and the stories behind some of the performances on our first night portrayed their potential which we will work towards harnessing.”

He said while it was the first round of competitions, they would work on boosting the contestants’ self-confidence further which would emanate in their performance and stage presence.

“I’m excited to see how these young talents are going to progress and develop in the coming weeks with the guidance of our music judge Isireli Mainavuke,” he said.

He said this year, they had taken a different approach where one of the judges was actually the mentor and coach. “Just so they have a fair idea of the contestants’ progress when judging for the shows and keeping the other judges updated,” he said.

Dance judge Glenville Lord will also mentor the contestants on their stage craft.

Kaila! Star Search contestants
Act 1 Lanieta Makosoi Act 2 Ateca Baravilala Act 3 Miriama Bale Nukuvou Act 4 Elisabeta Qasenivalu Act 5 Jiajoi Tuimoala Act 6 Anareta Roselind Act 7 Adi Litea Volavola Act 8 Antonio Aisake Act 9 Georgina Volavola Act 10 Rokora Serea Act 11 Sainiana Vucukula Act 12 Marika Bosekoviti Act 13 Maraya Doleanauca Act 14 Nishanth Chandra Act 15 Sioweli Korovakaturaga Act 16 Adi Vuga Mere Act 17 Jay and Tui Act 18 Senitiki Tuicakau/Bill Act 19 Effy Act 20 Kathleen Hill Act 21 Emosi Lagilagi Act 22 Pasemaca Koyaroi

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