NGOCHR calls for protection of workers’ rights

THE NGO Coalition on Human Rights has called for the protection of workers’ rights and the release of workers and unionists who have been detained by police.

NGOCHR chair Nalini Singh said they strongly condemned the harassment and arrests of trade unionists and stood in solidarity with the workers of Fiji.

“Workers and unionists should not be victimised or penalised for freely expressing their freedom of association and voicing their employment issues,” she said in a statement yesterday.

“This is a blatant attack on workers’ rights and curtails the progress Fiji has made in human rights and democracy. The right to freedom of association and assembly is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy and is enshrined in our constitution.”

Ms Singh has urged authorities to protect workers’ rights and encourage peaceful negotiations with the workers to hear their issues and come to a solution that benefits everyone.

“It is shocking and disgraceful that instead of celebrating International Workers’ Rights Day, also known as International Labour Day on May 1, it was marked with the detainment of workers and unionists.”

She said the NGOCHR stood in solidarity with the workers of Fiji and the trade unions.

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