NGO to look after the welfare of Rewa people

A NEW non-governmental organisation (NGO) called “Rewa Care” has been formed to look after the welfare and issues affecting the people of Rewa.

Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa revealed this while opening the inaugural Rewa Festival 2017 at Syria Park in Nausori on Thursday.

Ro Teimumu said the newly-formed NGO was a more efficient means to better address the many socioeconomic issues that affected the people living in the delta.

“This drive to do better is the reason why this year we decided to have this festival.

“It is the same drive that led us to believe that we can go one step further and include a bilibili race,” she said.

She said climate change was one of the major issues that affected people living along the Rewa River.

“A devastating example of rising sea level is the Rewa tikina of Toga na Qavoka which as recently as the 1950s existed but is now in some places under many feet of water. These grave threats affect everyone along the river banks including the village of Naganivatu in Naitasiri who have been kind enough to build all the bilibili for the races,” she said.

Ro Teimumu thanked all the business houses and stakeholders who supported the commencement of the festival this year.

The festival ends today.

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