NFPL: Remove two men rule

National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad meets Satya Wan and Ponna Reddy at the convention in Ba. Picture: REINAL CHAND

THE National Federation Party (NFP) will remove Fiji from two men rule under the FijiFirst party and establish a genuine democracy where every citizen will have a voice and participate in nation building.

This was the view put forward by NFP president Pio Tikoduadua during the party’s annual general meeting and 55th anniversary celebration where about 2000 people gathered at AD Patel College, Ba, yesterday.

“Fiji will have an all-inclusive, genuinely multiracial government of team NFP that you see assembled here in a large part,” he claimed.

“Because this is the team that has the moral and political credibility to rescue Fiji from two-man and their circus tricks of cosmetic solutions that are dissipating before us to the great detriment and harm of all Fijians.

“They have caused irreparable damage to accountability, transparency, good governance and parliamentary democracy.

“No wonder for half a year he is travelling or spending time on a first-class aircraft seat than in office and Parliament, “I know because I was there. I left them and a $200,000 salary after only nine months in Government because I thought that after resumption of parliamentary democracy, the two men would practise genuine democracy, bipartisanship and rule in the national interest.

“But the two men heightened their resolve to suppress all.

“My way or the highway rule prevailed. And I could not tolerate it. I decided to sacrifice my posh ministerial salary in the interest of all our people and our beloved country. I decided to join a party of principles that I would have joined before the 2014 elections had I not been a permanent secretary.”

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