NFP to focus on housing, health and education

NFP leader Biman Prasad. Picture: FT FILE/JONA KONATACI

THE National Federation Party’s manifesto for the coming general election will focus on housing, health and education.

This was revealed by party leader Prof Biman Prasad who said NFP was working hard for the coming polls.

He told Parliament on Tuesday that the party would soon release its manifesto.

“It will also be focused on a decent minimum wage and rebuilding the sugar industry,” Prof Prasad said.

As part of their manifesto, he said, the party would be proposing to cut ministerial salaries and allowances.

“We will be cutting out the international conferences and jet-setting. We will keep ministers at home to focus on making life better for Fijian families,” he said.

The party earlier indicated that some of their policies would include making 15 basic food items VAT free and reducing duties on them, increasing the national minimum wage to $5 an hour and implementing a minimum guaranteed price of $100 for a tonne of sugar cane.

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