NFP ‘outburst’

I MAKE special reference to the NFP leader’s outburst in the FT (Monday April 3) against our PM Voreqe Bainimarama relevant to his climate change plea to world leaders in Chicago, Illinois, in his capacity as president of COP23.

I believe Prof. Biman Prasad’s criticism is a cheap shot for political mileage and is an act of desperation for survival from a political party leader who is losing grip of the reality around him.

Last month small island nation’s leaders from around the Pacific region gathered in numbers for a few days at the GPH in a consolidated effort to plead with the bigger countries of the world to cut their ca¬≠rbon emissions because we are the most vulnerable and the worst affected by climate change right now, these many leaders plea is a matter of urgency and is a pressing issue for our very survival.

There have been discussions with the UN, EU and climate change ambassadors and ministers from Australia and other countries here in Fiji and they have committed hundreds of millions of dollars towards our PM’s climate change funds.

There was discussion and debate in parliament on the issue of climate change last week and where was Prof. Biman in all this?

There is a climate change director at the office of the Minister of Economy where the NFP leader can take his concerns to for consideration.

For his information and for Prof Biman’s sake, our Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama was unanimously and overwhelmingly appointed by the UN’s climate change governing body COP22 last year as president of COP23 because he was passionate about the issue.

Our PM answers to them.

Hindus around the country are celebrating Ram Naumi to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama and it would be worth the while of Prof Biman to go live on TV and radio to educate the Fijian public on its significance.

A blessed Ram Naumi to all.

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