NFP challenges Bainimarama to campaign on facts

NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad, NFP provisional candidate Attar Singh and NFP president Pio Tikoduadua during a press conference. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE/FILE

NATIONAL Federation Party (NFP) president Pio Tikoduadua says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama should campaign based on facts and not fear.

Mr Tikoduadua made the above comment in response to a statement made by Mr Bainimarama this week after the issue of the Writ for Election.

“On Monday, the Prime Minister told a news media organisation after the issuance of Writ for Elections that people should vote for ‘the right party’ to avoid ‘going back to 2000’,” Mr Tikoduadua said.

“He knows, and everybody knows, what he is saying — the PM is campaigning on fear. “The PM is saying that there will only be political stability if people vote for his party. One day before this statement, the PM said that his party would campaign on ‘facts, not lies’.”

Mr Tikoduadua claimed Mr Bainimarama was the same man who spoke about the “spirit of talanoa” when he was overseas, and then practises the politics of fear when he comes home.

“The general election campaign is just beginning. “We have told the people what we will do — $5 an hour wage rate, $100 a tonne, 15 VAT-free items, housing, education, health.

“And he is telling us is to vote for the right party. So this is my challenge to the PM, do what you said you would do. “Campaign on facts, not fear,” he said.

Mr Bainimarama told this newspaper yesterday that his party would campaign like it did during the 2014 General Election.

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